Matthew Simonson

Radio · Music · Sound Design · Filmmaking


I attended the Transom Story Workshop in the Fall of 2017 and produce the two pieces below.

More work, possibly including a podcast, coming soon!


Transom Story Workshop, Fall 2017

If you're looking for an escape, Skyler Kardell can show you the way.

"Making Her Bed"

Transom Story Workshop, Fall 2017

The story of recovery, one step at a time.


I'm involved in many different musical projects, all of which can be accessed on my bandcamp page. Sample some of my latest work below.

I also do sound design and scoring work, and I'd love to work on your next project. Contact me here if you're interested.


I've been working on a video series called Music in Objects.

I take an object, record its sounds, and use sound design techniques to make a song using only those sounds.

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